Freedom of speech

The right to free speech is one of the most precious rights an individual has as a citizen. This right gives people the opportunity to speak their mind and give their opinions of what they think should happen. These rights have been questioned and exercised throughout history, and have produced extremely positive things in a lot of cases. n modern times, people are always protesting something and in the colonial times it was the same. People wanted their voice to be heard and as long as it is done in a peaceful manner it is legal now, but it resulted in punishment for the colonists. People have never questioned whether or not these rights should exist, the questions involve whether there should be limits or not.

In Austria you are generally allowed to say what you think. Although you could get in trouble if you show Neo-nazi behavior. But in other countries you have no right to say what you think like in North Korea. People could get killed if you say something wrong which is unbelievable. In America for example this right was discussed heavily in the past. In some colleges there is an extra area called the free speech zone which only takes up 1,3% of the campus. If you say your opinion outside of this free speech zone you are going to get in trouble. There is actually a list of words you are not allowed to say. Of course some words are understandable but this list also includes ”ghetto” or ”insane” and I don’t know how you will offend someone with these words.

I think that you should be allowed to say anything you like and everywhere you as long as you don’t offend anyone with that. But at which point is it offending what you are saying?

Attendum: I think religion should get a little waver because it is something very private and everyone has a different opinion on it but you should be allowed to make small jokes. I think there should not be a waver for comedy. Comedy is supposed to be funny and most of the time you shouldn’t get offended.

Modern Day Inventions

Everyday thousands of new products are introduced to the market. We do not know most of these products until we read about them on social media. We can visit the internet with our computers, tablets and of course phones. The phone was one of the most revolutionary inventions in the last 500 years. Everything humanity knows is stored in a small digital box which fits in our hand. If you think about it, almost every question can be answered by your phone.

If you have the right idea you can change the world and earn a lot of money. I do not think that Steve Jobs would have thought he will be one of the richest people just by an invention he made in his garage.

But of course not all inventions are positive. The nuclear weapon could destroy our world and still it was invented to cause fear. People do everything to get attention and money. They don’t care if others get hurt if they live the perfect life.

If you have a life changing idea after reading this TELL ME IMMEDIATELY!!! I want to get something as well :D.

Weather in Austria

Hi Emily,

I read your email and I can assure you the weather in Australia is different to the weather in Austria. We also don’t have kangaroos jumping around.

In Austria the weather is not very special. In winter it is cold and in summer it is warm. The weather changes almost everyday. We have enough rain but not too much. As I said in winter it can get very cold. The coldest temperature which was ever measured in Austria was -37,4 °C. It was measured in 1905 and was never beaten. In winter we often have meters of snow. That is the reason why we are good at skiing. The summers can get very hot but no world changing temperatures. The hottest temperature we have ever peeled in Austria was 40,5°C. Probably nothing against the temperatures in Australia. What are the extremes in Australia? Write me back soon.

Your good friend,


Game Week 8

First I scrolled through the students list to find a blogger with the same interests as I have. I ended up clicking on the blog of Darby. I scrolled through all of her blogs (without looking) and clicked on one of them. I ended up clicking on the blog ‘‘What I want to do on the Holidays”. I then left a comment on that blog entry.

Next I went to the blog of Luke by scrolling through the students list, again without looking. I scrolled through the blogs of Luke and clicked randomly on one of them. It was ,,My Blog“. I then left a comment on Luke’s Blog entry. Check it out.

As my final game round I wanted to mix it up a little bit so I choose a student of the students list who sheared the same interest as I do. I turned out to be Charlie whos main interests are sports. I looked for a post which looked interesting and I found ,,About my family“. It was a cool text so of course I left a comment. Take a look at it.

It was fun doing this activity. I really hope someone randomly selects me in this game week challenge. Try it out!

My three best texts

Student Blogging Challenge Week 4

I am very satisfied with this blog post because I spent much time on it and I think the quiz is hard to complete. By doing the quit you learn new things and you have a lot of fun. It is definitely worth doing.



My second favorite text is our worst case scenario. It challenged our creativity and everyone did great. All the stories were interesting to read. Also we learned how hard it can be to create a thrilling story.


Passion for the Sport of Fencing

I really liked the text because I think I have shown everybody how much I love fencing. I could talk the whole day about it and it would never get boring. I hope everyone finds an activity which suits themselves as well as fencing does me.

Student Blogging Challenge Week 4

Global issues Quiz!!

Eher are going to be a bunch of questions about global issues. If you put the letters of all the question together at the end you will get a sentence. Good luck!!

  • How many members does the UN (United Nations) have? A: 51 T: 28 Y: 193
  • What is an example of climate change? O: Rising sea levels P: Getting a sunburn Q: Seeing penguins fly
  • How many people on a global scale do net get enough food? T: One out of 100 U: One out of nine V: One out of 20
  • How many people are living on the earth right now? A: 7,510,797,413 B:7,034,287,286 C: 10,263,269,189
  • How many percent of the earths surface is covered by sea? P: 66% Q: 80% R: 72%
  • When was the WHO (World Health Organization) founded? C: 1946 D: 1954 E: 1948
  • How many countries are operating with nuclear reactors? E: Less than 30 F: Exactly 30 G: More than 30
  • The HIV infections have fallen by _____ since 2000. O: 35% M: 30% G: 40%
  • Among 20 million refugees half of them are under the age of ___. O: 18 M: 30 G: 12
  • Was this quiz hard but funny to do? D: Yes D: Of course D: Obviously


One of the greatest feelings a human can have is happiness, Being happy brings joy to your life and you feel warm and confident. Of course, happiness can be caused by events such as receiving a positive mark, a present or money.

It is said that people with more money are happier in life. Sometimes money helps, but I think that I am in a more jovial mood when I play soccer with friends than a rich millionaire who sits alone in his castle. Of course, if I catch an illness and I have to go to hospital, the bill can be very high and the millionaire doesn’t care about the cost. This is how money can help you in such situations but you cannot control health with money.

If you are sick all the time you will not be as happy as a healthy person. However, your surroundings plays a huge role in happiness as well including family, friends and even the city you live in.

The best example for this are babies. Personally, I have always laughed as a child and I still do now. This occurs because the surroundings tell the baby if it should laugh or cry. If its parents laugh it will laugh as well.

I do not think that the personality affects your happiness. It is the surrounding which creates your personality!

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